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1. If you frequently misplace things, perhaps it’s because you move from place to place clutching something in your hands that you end up putting down somewhere it doesn’t belong.  Make a conscious effort to release objects from your grasp and leave them where they belong.
2. Motivate yourself to let go of clutter by creating noticeable results quickly: Begin by decluttering the easiest and most visible cluttered area or segment.
3. Each day, make a conscious effort to let go of at least one unit of clutter.  The “unit” can be one item or one container-full; as long as you do it consistently, you’ll see results.
4. Clothing and accessories become easier to part with when you apply this rule:  Only keep items that make you look good AND feel good.
5. If your clutter includes sentimental objects, keep this in mind: Let go of anything that doesn’t touch you in a positive or poignant way.  Don’t keep anything that makes you feel stressed or upset (unless you’re legally required to keep it).
6. There are only two types of paper worth filing:  Records (what you have to keep) and resources (what you want to keep).
7. The most important piece of clutter to let go of is the apostrophe “t” on the end of the word “can’t.” When you catch yourself saying, “I can’t get rid of…” change it to “I can!”