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Hi, I'm Harriet Schechter, and I'm here to help you let go of clutter.  Since 1986 I've helped thousands of people around the world get less cluttered and more organized, and I can help you too.  This site is based on my newest book, LET GO OF CLUTTER (January 2001, McGraw-Hill). 


It has two interconnected objectives:

  • To give you a painless process for letting go of whatever is cluttering up your life--past and present

  • To show you how to overcome future clutter by managing the instinctive urge to acquire and accumulate

To sample a slice of LET GO OF CLUTTER, visit the "Book Excerpt" page.   If you like what you see, you can order LET GO OF CLUTTER directly from me today  by Clicking_Here.  The book is also available on Amazon and at most booksellers.

If you have a clutter problem or question, visit my online advice column at www.MiracleOrganizing.com .