Other sites offering general clutter-control advice and resources:


www.MiracleOrganizing.com The Miracle Worker's home site.


Sites that may be helpful to people with Packrat Syndrome (hoarding) or other serious clutter problems:

www.NSGCD.org (National Study Group on Chronic Disorganization)

www.OCFoundation.org (Obsessive-Compulsive Foundation)

www.oneaddplace.com  (Attention Deficit Disorder group)

Sites offering information and resources relating to record-keeping guidelines (i.e., which records to keep & for how long) and records storage:



These sites are of particular interest to women:

Declutter your closet by weeding out those work clothes you never wear, and help someone less fortunate at the same time.  Visit  www.dressforsuccess.org for more info.

Declutter your bathroom by reducing your cosmetics inventory.   Visit www.cosmeticscop.com to find out why most cosmetics don't live up to their claims, and how you can simplify your life by streamlining your beauty routine.